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As a business person, what should I known when accepting personal checks from customers?

Category: Police Department
To assist in lessening the instance of worthless checks and aid in the prosecution or restitution in "Bad Check” cases, the following procedures should be followed when accepting personal checks from customers.

1. Ask for proper identification. A Connecticut drivers license is the best means of identification. Copy the nine-digit drivers license number onto the front of the check. Compare the photograph on the license with the customers. If the customer is personally known to you, be prepared to give a written statement identifying the person who issued the check.

2. Do not accept post-dated checks. The check should be dated the same day that it is being issued.

3. Checks should be for the full amount of purchase. The check should represent full payment in exchange for something of value, such as goods, money, etc..

4. Do not accept "third party checks”. The person getting the item of value should be the person who writes and presents the check to you.

5. Make sure the check is completely filled out.
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