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What should I do if someone "bounces" a check to me?

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If a check is returned to you by your bank, follow the procedure below, keeping in mind that only checks that are returned due to "Closed Account”, "No Account”, or "Insufficient Funds” can be prosecuted. For the Police Department to become involved, the check has to have been issued or received in the town of Monroe in the amount of $50.00 or more, and no partial payment for restitution can be accepted. If the check was issued and/or received in another town, contact that agency for assistance.

1. Keep the bank statement that was sent to you stating the reason the check was returned.

2. Send a certified letter with return receipt requested to the person who issued the check at their last known address, requesting full restitution be made within 8 days after receiving the letter. A sample "8-day letter” is available for you to add to your own letterhead under Forms. The "8-day letter” can only request the face amount of the check and nothing more. Do not add bank service charges to the requested amount.

3. Keep a copy of the letter for your records.

4. Once the certified letter is delivered and you have received the return receipt (green card), you may file a complaint 8 days after the letter was accepted. If the letter was not delivered or accepted you may file a complaint immediately after receiving the letter back from the post office.

5. Here's what we need with the complaint:

· The original check
· The bank statement
· Copy of 8-day letter;

· Return receipt (green card) if letter was delivered and accepted. If the letter was not accepted, the complete letter and envelope which was returned to you by the post office; and

· Receipt, if possible, showing value of merchandise purchased.

6. Be prepared to give a sworn statement of the circumstances surrounding the acceptance of the check if the amount of the check is large enough to constitute a felony.

If you follow the procedures outlined above, you will reduce the number of "Bad Checks” you receive and will make restitution and/or prosecution of the offender more likely
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