Health Department

Are there rules against how many people live in apartments in my neighborhood?
Are there rules against how many people live in houses in my neighborhood?
Can I get a copy of the sketch of the location of my well and/or septic system?
Can I have a garbage disposal if I'm on a septic system?
Do I have to upgrade a cesspool or a very old septic system that is in working condition?
How can I get assistance with a rodent problem on my property?
How can I get inspection reports on food service establishments that have been inspected?
How do I safely dispose of my used syringes?
How many vehicles can be parked at my house in my neighborhood?
How often should I have my well water tested? Who should test it?
How often should I pump my septic tank?
I have peeling paint in my house. Does it contain lead?
If I plan to put an addition on my house do I have to upgrade my septic system?
Is there a fee for rodent control assistance?
What are the hours of operation for the receiving vaccinations at the Health District?
What can I do if I noticed a large number of people apparently living in one home?
What do I do if I notice a lack of cleanliness in a food service establishment?
What do I do if I see an employee fail to wash his/her hands after using the restroom?
What if I suspect that I have a mold problem?
What is lead poisoning? Why is it harmful?
What steps must I take in order to control the rodent problem on my property?
What type of vaccinations does the Health District offer?
What types of complaints are registered with the Trumbull Monroe Health District and how does the public file a complaint?
Where and what type of information can I find on general health/wellness?
Will septic tank additives be beneficial to my septic system?

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