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Submission Guidelines
We encourage all residents to submit high quality professional level photos, which have high potential to interest current and future residents of Monroe, CT. Our community is important and we would like to demonstrate that in this picture gallery. The gallery theme is "Visions of Monroe" We compiled these guidelines to help you ensure your submissions possess the expected degree of standards.
Remember, all submissions are screened and we reserve the right to remove any photo that in our discretion, does not hold the required degree of standards, or violates any of the restrictions. If a photo you submit is removed, please accept the decisions of the administrators - due to the quantity of pictures reviewed daily their decisions are final. Thank you for your help!
  1. Photos must be 148 X 140 pixels, horizontal orientation and 72 DPI.
  2. No pornographic or offensive photos.
  3. No photos containing nudity.
  4. No photos that are derivative work based on other copyrighted photos (unless you are able to submit written releases from the copyright owners).
  5. No photos with your own embedded copyright notice, watermark, or a timestamp.
  6. Series of several identical photos. Choose the best one and submit it.
  7. No photos which were not properly rotated, photos with main subject not being sharp (unless blur is intentional), and too underexposed (dark) or too overexposed (bright) photos.
  8. No photos that have no artistic, aesthetic, stock or editorial value.
  9. No family photos, vacation snapshots, casual posed portraits, casual photos of pets, and other photos more suitable for family albums.
Additional Restrictions for Commercial Use License:
  1. No photos displaying copyrighted logos or trademarks, product names, company names, product brands or trademarked and patented designs.
  2. No photos of copyrighted buildings and properties.
  3. No photos of modern maps, documents where names are mentioned, computer screenshots, branded toys, watches, computers and other licensed products.
  4. No photos of artworks (including publicly displayed), advertisements, posters, or photos of other photos.
  5. No photos of uniquely identifiable people or private property without properly signed releases.

Creative Commons License
This work is assumed to be accepted under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Visions of Monroe Art Gallery Submission Form
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By submitting this form you are making the statement that you have the appropriate legal right to submit this picture for submission to the Town of Monroe website. You are also granting the Town of Monroe permission to display this image on the website for an undetermined length of time at no cost to the Town of Monroe.
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