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Registrars of Voters

(203) 452-2820
Susan A. Koneff (D)
Judith J. Stripay (R)
Welcome to the
Monroe Registrars' Homepage
(for more information, see the sub-headings in the left sidebar)
Monroe has:


Registered Voters


Registered Democrats


Registered Republicans


Unaffiliated Voters


Others (Green, Libertarian, Independent)

Data accurate as of 08-07-2014


Scroll Down for Results

August 12th  6 AM - 8 PM

Vote at your usual location

Republican Voters:

All four polling districts

Fawn Hollow (1), Stepney (2),

Monroe (3), Masuk (4)

Republican Races:

Governor: Foley vs. McKinney

Lt. Governor: Bacchiochi vs. Somers vs. Walker

Comptroller: McLaughlin vs. Cadena

Democratic Voters:

Senatorial District 22 only:

Voters at Stepney (2) & Monroe (3)

Anthony J. Musto vs. Marilyn Moore

(21st Senatorial District, 

Fawn Hollow (1) and Masuk (4),

DOES NOT have a Democratic Primary)

Primary Results for Monroe


Republican Primary


Foley                 259

McKinney        285

Lt. Governor

Bacchiochi      177

Somers            187

Walker             168


McLaughlin   337

Cadena            142

Democratic Primary

State Senatorial District 22

Musto              66

Moore             36


Scroll down for information
about Absentee Ballots.

Register to Vote!

Follow Directions Below!

You may register online @

the office of

The CT Secretary of State.

or you may pick up a
Voter Registration Form @
The Monroe Town Clerk's Office or
The Registrars of Voters' Office or
Scroll down this page
To download a form.

 Your Voter Registration Form

must Reach The Town Clerk or

  The Registrars of Voters
 No Later Than 4:30 pm
 the day before the vote.

Voter Registration Forms:



Fill in this form online, print, sign and date;

Deliver in person or by mail to:

Registrars of Voters

7 Fan Hill Road

Monroe, CT 06468


You may also request a Voter Registration Form
From the Registrars of Voters or
From the Town Clerk
By mail or by calling the Monroe Town Hall:

Registrars: (203) 452-2820
Town Clerk: (203) 452-2811


You may pick up a Voter Registration Form in person
At the Town Clerk's Office:
Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:30
And Friday 8:30-1:30
Or stop by the Registrars' Office
during their regular hours:
Tuesday 9-12
Thursday 12-3


Absentee Ballots



The Town Clerk's Office handles all Absentee Ballots! 

The Town Clerk issues and collects Absentee Ballots.

The Registrars are only involved in tallying 

the results of the votes. 

If you need an Absentee Ballot, 

call or contact the Town Clerk. 

The Registrars of Voters cannot issue you 

an Absentee Ballot!



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Referendum Absentee Ballots

Referendum Absentee Ballot Applications and Ballots are 

different from the ones used for a regular election, however,

the procedure is the same. Request the application from 

the Town Clerk's Office or get it online. Fill it out completely,

sign, date and bring or mail to the Town Clerk. If you want 

to get the application online, click below and follow the 

directions on the application.


Referendum Absentee Ballot Application

This is not the ballot!!!

This is the application to receive the ballot.

Fill the form in online, Print, Date and Sign,

Deliver in person or mail to:

Town Clerk

7 Fan Hill Road

Monroe, CT 06468  



For the first referendum, the Town Clerk will mail your ballot out

to you 21 days before the first referendum is held. Be sure to mail 

or bring the ballot back, as instructed, quickly, so that it reaches 

the Town Clerk in time for the vote, but no later than 5:00 PM the 

day of the referendum.  If there is a second referendum, it must 

be held three weeks after the first and time will be shorter. 

Subsequent referendums, should the first two not pass, must be 

held two weeks apart, making the timing for absentee ballots 

very short.  For a third or subsequent budget referendum 

absentee ballot applications and ballots are not mailed and 

must be done in person at the Town Clerk's Office during 

regular hours.  It usually takes one week to set the new 

proposed budget which leaves only a week for absentee 

ballots to be ready for distribution.




Please be sure you know

the guidelines for applying

for any Absentee Ballot. 

Connecticut does not have a


Absentee Ballot Law.

 Click the link below for the Guidelines.

If you are mailing your Ballot,

make sure that you allow extra time

for the Post Office. Ballots arriving the

day after the election can't be counted.


Connecticut State Law limits the 

use of Absentee Ballots.




Please remember that
The Registrars of Voters
You must call the Town Clerk’s Office
to request Absentee Ballots.

More information below....scroll down.


Change of Name, Party or Address???


Notify the Registrars of Voters if you change your name, party affiliation or move within the town of Monroe.


You have to fill out a new Voter Registration Form, which is available online, from the Registrars’ Office or the Town Clerk's Office, as stated above.


If you move to a new Connecticut town or out of state you must re-register in your new town. You cannot continue to vote in Monroe unless you are a Monroe resident, with one exception. If you own property in Monroe that is assessed at a minimum of at least $1,000, you may vote in a referendum by going to the Town Clerk and asking to vote via The Grand List.


To Prevent Getting Jury Duty Notices…


…based on your Monroe address, please notify the Monroe Registrars of Voters if you move out of Monroe. Monroe's voter registration records are kept on the Voter Registration Cards that voters have submitted as well as a computer database maintained by the Connecticut Secretary of the State's Office. For this reason, it is easy for the Jury Administration of the Connecticut Superior Court to use this database to find potential jurors based on their town of residence. Keep in mind that the Jury Administration uses three other lists to select jurors:

1) Licensed motor vehicle operators from the Department of Motor Vehicles

2)State Income Tax payers from the Department of Revenue Services

3) Individuals who received unemployment compensation from the Department of Labor.

The four lists are combined and duplicate names are removed and individuals are randomly selected from the list as needed for juries and they are mailed summonses, confirmation forms and confidential juror questionnaires.


Be a Poll Worker!!!???


If you would be interested in working at the polls on election day, please call the Registrars' Office at (203)452-2820 or send an email to one of the registrars listed above. To be honest, working at the polls requires long hours (+/- 16 hours) for relatively low pay, although meals are included.
(In the email address, replace the "AT" with an @)


Monroe Voting District Information


Polls for Elections, Primaries and Referendums are open from 6:00 AM until 8:00 PM, using Network Time Protocol, also called Atomic Time, available on cell phones, which display time to within a second of the official time set by the National Institute of Standards.



Monroe Voting Districts/Polls are:



District 1 ......Fawn Hollow Elementary School - Gym

345 Fan Hill Road


District 2 .......Stepney Elementary School - Gym

180 Old Newtown Road


District 3 .......Monroe Elementary School - Gym

375 Monroe Turnpike


District 4 .......Masuk High School - Auxiliary Gym

1014 Monroe Turnpike



To find your voting district listed by street and number 

Click on the District Street List link in the left (orange

sidebar and follow the directions on that webpage.



For any other information regarding voter registration, 

please call the registrars at (203) 452-2820. If the 

registrars are not in leave a message and someone will 

return your call.

Election Absentee Ballots


The Town Clerk's Office handles all Absentee Ballots!

The Town Clerk issues and collects Absentee Ballots.

The Registrars are only involved in tallying

the results of the votes.

If you need an Absentee Ballot,

call or contact the Town Clerk.

The Registrars of Voters cannot issue you

an Absentee Ballot!



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Click Here for an Election 

Absentee Ballot Application.

This is not the ballot.

This is the application to receive the ballot.

Fill the form in online, Print, Date and Sign,

Deliver in person or mail to:

Town Clerk

7 Fan Hill Road

Monroe, CT 06468


You may also request an Absentee Ballot from the Town Clerk by mail at the address above or you can call (203) 452-2811.


Once your application is approved and the ballot is printed, your ballot will be mailed to you. If you wish, you may appear in person at the Town Clerk's Office and apply for an Absentee Ballot and if the ballots are printed, you may fill it out then. It will not be counted until the day of the election when it will be tabulated by a special team of Absentee Ballot Counters.


However, in order to be counted, whether delivered in person or mailed to the Town Clerk, your Absentee Ballot envelopes must be filled out according to the enclosed directions and the ballot received by the Town Clerk's Office NO LATER THAN 5 PM ON ELECTION DAY!


Connecticut State Law limits the use of Absentee Ballots.




* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *




Please be sure you know
the guidelines for applying
for any Absentee Ballot.
Connecticut does not have a "Convenience" Absentee Ballot Law.
 Click the link above for the Guidelines.
If you are mailing your Ballot,
make sure that you allow extra time
for the Post Office. Ballots arriving the
day after the election can't be counted.



Please remember that 

The Registrars of Voters
You must call the Town Clerk’s Office
to request Absentee Ballots.
Thank You for visiting the Monroe Registrars of Voters page.


Monroe Redistricting

Every ten years the State of Connecticut is mandated to update congressional and senatorial districts based on the latest census. Monroe’s changes occurred in the 21st and 22nd state senatorial districts, which necessitated having to change the polling places where many Monroe voters have been used to voting. The state reduced the 22nd district which contains Monroe Voting Districts 2 (Stepney Elementary) and 3 (Monroe Elementary) by over 1,900 voters and moved them into the 21st district. This change increased Monroe Voting Districts 1 (Fawn Hollow Elementary) and 4 (Masuk High School) by the same 1,900 voters. Voting districts 1 and 4 were adjusted to make them as equal in the number of voters as possible. Districts 2 and 3 were also adjusted to minimize the difference between them.

All residents have received postcards notifying them of their current polling place location, whether or not they have been moved. Voters can also use this website to verify their polling places. Since you are reading this on the Registrars of Voters homepage, you only have to look in the left sidebar and click on Voter Search. Fill out the information requested in the fields to find out to which polling place you have been assigned.

You may also click on District Street List to see which district your street is located in. Find your street name and look in the last column for your voting district (1, 2, 3, or 4). If your street is split due to the new district lines you need to look at the street number range and the letter in the column to the left. An "A” means All of that street number range is included. An "E” means that the Even side of the street is in the district listed in the last column, and an "O” means that the Odd side of the street is in the listed district

More Information


Register in PERSON with some form of identification:

The 0ffice of the Town Clerk or Registrar of Voters in ANY city/town hall in Connecticut during normal office hours. Registration is forwarded to the Registrar.

Any office of the following Departments: Motor Vehicles, Social Services, Aging, or Labor; the State Library, the U.Conn. library, and the other state college libraries.

If you register through any of t
hese departments, it is a good idea to check with your local registrar of voters (452-2820) at least three weeks before election day to see if your form was received.

Your home, if you are physically disabled and make a written request to the Registrars or Town Clerk.



Request an APPLICATION from your Town Clerk, 203-452-2811, (either in person or by mail). Complete the Application and return it (in person or by mail) to the Town Clerk. Allow enough time to receive and complete the application; then return it promptly.

If you return the application in person, you may complete your ABSENTEE BALLOT at that time, or you may take the ballot and return it to the Town Clerk at a later date (either in person or by mail).

If you return the application by mail, the ABSENTEE BALLOT will be sent to you by mail. You may then return the completed ballot to the Town Clerk in person or by mail. Verify with the Town Clerk the deadline for receiving your Absentee Ballot in order for it to be counted.


On regular election days and in a presidential preference primary, polls are open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

* In order to reduce the amount of SPAM the district receives, "clickable" email addresses are not posted on our website. For any address listed above, please replace "at" with "@" and remove the spaces and quotation marks. Thank you. undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined undefinedundefined

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