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CT Party Affiliation Explanation

  • You do not need to register with a political party.
  • However, you must be a member of a political party in order to vote in that party's primary.
  • Am I registered with a party?  Use the voter registration lookup tool on the previous page below the photo of Denise Merrill to check whether you are already registered with a party.
  • To register with a political party, complete a new Voter Registration and indicate your party choice in section 9.
  • To change your party registration, complete a new Voter Registration and indicate your new choice in section 9.
  • Remember, you can do most of this by filling out an ONLINE Voter Registration at the SOTS website.  The link for this is also below the photo of Denise Merrill, our Secretary of the State, near the bottom of the previous (main) registrar of voters page.
    NOTE: There is a 3 month waiting period to change from one party to another.  This does not apply when switching from UNAFFILIATED to party membership.

What is an UNAFFILIATED VOTER?  Unaffiliated is the term used to refer to voters who are not registered with a political party.  This term is used instead of referring to these voters as independent to avoid confusion with the Independent Party, which is an established political party in Connecticut.  If you write Independent in section 9 of your Voter Registration Card, you will be registered as a member of the Independent Party and you will not be "independent."   To be truly independent in Connecticut, you must choose to be Unaffiliated.

Explanation is from the Connecticut Secretary of the State.