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17 hours ago, Sep 15 at 11:42am
Daily Impact Notice for September 15, 2014 - September 19, 2014

Click on "more" to view the daily traffic impact information for the time period of September 15, 2014 through September 26, 2014. Please drive carefully. Thank you.


2 weeks ago, Sep 08 at 10:37am

The Department of Public Works is announcing a household hazardous waste collection day for November 1, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Indian Ledge Park Drive in Trumbull.  Click onto "more" for detailed information. 


4 weeks ago, Aug 22 at 12:00pm
Department of Public Works announces Bulky Waste Pick-Up (Dial-a-Dump) Information

Bulky Waste Pickup (Dial-A-Dump) Telephone: 203-452-2814

Monday through Thursday hours are:   9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Friday hours are from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

REGISTRATION FOR A BULKY WASTE PICKUP FOR MONROE RESIDENTS IS FROM SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 THROUGH OCTOBER 31, 2014. You may register by submitting a Public Works Service Request on line from the Town’s home page at www.monroect.org or by calling Public Works at 203-452-2814. When the pick-up schedule is prepared you will receive a letter approximately seven days before the date of your pickup which could be anywhere from late November of 2014 through March of 2015.   Click onto "more" for additional information acceptable items and instructions.



4 weeks ago, Aug 19 at 10:43am

The Town of Monroe is in the process of accepting Request for Proposals for Pension Investment Advisory Services.  Click onto "more" to download a copy of the proposal with specific terms and conditions.


May 7 at 11:31am
Budget results for May 6th
The 2014-2015 Annual Town of Monroe Budget passed with 1,516 no votes and 1,845 yes votes.  The difference is +329.  Click on to "more" for a copy of the approved budget.  


May 7 at 10:41am
Recycling: New carts (bins), pickup schedule and more

The new large recycling carts (bins) shall be delivered by Residential Waste Services (RWS) to residents from Monday, May 12 through Saturday, May 17, 2014.  Residents are to begin using their new carts on Monday, May 19th.  Recycling will be picked up every other week.  Residents are asked to please have their new cart out the night before their recycling day. Some residents will have a new pickup day.  Please visit www.MonroeRecycles.com  for detailed information on the new pickup schedule (Are you Red or Blue Week), holiday schedule, etc.   If residents have any questions, they may contact RWS at 203-334-1660 or email at info@residentialwastesystems.com. For a list of accepted/unacceptable items and the every other week recycling calendar, please click "more".


Apr 29 at 1:48pm
Webb Mountain Camping Permits now available in the Finance Department (ROOM 215)
Starting May 1st, Webb Mountain Camping Permits for the 2014 season which begins Memorial Day Weekend, are available in the Finance Department in Room 215.  Permits are $10 per site, per night and will accommodate up to five (5) people.  Permits are issued on a first come, first served basis between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Apr 23 at 4:14pm
Town of Monroe | Assessor’s Office Revaluation for October 1, 2014
The Town of Monroe has contracted with Tyler Technologies, Inc. to assist the assessor with the state-mandated revaluation for October 1, 2014. Unlike the previous revaluation in 2009, inspections will be limited to properties that have sold since January, 2012, building permits issued after October 1, 2013 and select properties for quality control.  The purpose of a revaluation, which is done in each Connecticut town and city every five years, is to maintain equity so that each taxpayer pays only his fair share of the tax burden.  The market is continually changing and every property is not impacted equally. Fair market value is affected by a number of factors including property type (residential, commercial, industrial), location, individual property desirability and market supply and demand.  The goal is to estimate the current fair market value of every property as of the assessment date, which is October 1, 2014. The assessment reflects 70% of this fair market value.  Once the assessments have been determined, a notice will be mailed to property owners indicating the previous assessment, which was based on a fair market value from 2009, and the new assessment, updated to reflect changes that have occurred in the real estate market in the past five years.  New assessments will be reflected in the July, 2015 tax bills.  Key dates and a brief description of the various phases of the revaluation are available on the Town website: http://www.monroect.org/reval.aspx. If you have any questions, please contact Tyler or the Monroe Assessor’s Office at the numbers below.
Project Contact Information
Eric Hardy, Tyler Project Supervisor (800) 497-6026
Elizabeth Duffy, CCMAII Assessor
eduffy@monroect.org (203) 452-2803 More

Apr 15 at 11:23am
Wolfe Park Tennis Courts 1 through 4 closed
Due to a harsh winter, Tennis Courts 1 through 4 at Wolfe Park will be closed to the public until further notice.  Courts 5 through 8 will continue to be monitored.   More

Feb 7 at 10:50am
The Hot Days of Summer: A Skin Cancer Education Program
The Trumbull Monroe Health District Partners With the Edith Wheeler Memorial Library

Do you enjoy the outdoors?  Do you like sitting on the beach/pool and getting the perfect tan?  Ever get a sunburn?  If you answered yes, this program is for you!  Click on "more" for details...


Jan 21 at 12:55pm
2014 Waste Oil Collection Schedule

Please click onto "more" for a list of dates for Waste Oil Collection.  Thank you.


Apr 1 at 12:29pm

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